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A bit about us

Passquatch is a product of PXP that is focused on helping small businesses share sensitive information with clients, vendors and co-workers. PXP is a web development agency, located along the Wasatch Front in Utah, and has been in business since 2006.

We created Passquatch out of our own need for it. As a web development agency we are always needing to share access to different websites and servers, both internally with co-workers and externally with clients. We decided it was time to create something that was specifically for professional credential sharing.

Need to talk to us?

No bots or automated drip campaigns here. We read and respond to your emails one at a time like a regular human.

The best way to chat with someone from the team is to email Howler at Let Howler know what it is you wish to discuss with us and we will make sure you get in touch with the right person on the team.